Network: LG15: The Resistance

LG15: The Resistance will feature a cross-country adventure solving clues to find a secret artifact called the Samsaran Doctrine (crowley collection) that could save each “Trait-Positive” girl from a life raised in seclusion preparing for a pre-destined death 1.

Tour Lifesbloodlabs and find out about Hetlevan?

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The fountain of youth is real. It's in the blood of innocent girls scattered across the world. They're hunted, murdered, sucked dry of their precious lifesblood. We are The Resistance. We fight to protect and save these girls.

At one time, our only obstacle was an evil cabal known as the Order, that disguised itself in the form of the innocuous cult the Hymn of One . But now, the threats come from everywhere, evil corporations such as lifesbloodlabs , deranged scientists at
Verdus Pharmaceuticals
, and even the ones we love. No one can be trusted. They must be saved.

We've begun to fight our enemies such as those involved with the crowley collection , exposing their lies, attacking them where they live. Our army grows every day, our arms outstretched, and our weapons drawn.

In September we will launch a full frontal attack. No longer shall we hide in the shadows, or run scared like children. We will document and record our war, and you can be a part of it.

The twelve original members:

Kenneth Perry Harlan
Damon Lindsey Lambien
George Thomas Kiel
Oswald Matthew Angie
Michael Byron Carruthers
Theresa Cunningham McManus
Desiree Thoreux Alcott
Christopher Raymond Nance
Susan Bethany Campbell
Joseph Carmichael Nagler
Penny Samson Rayborne
Raymond Joseph Wharton